A true sea story, Lokomotiva´s second collection sailed in on an especially charming wave of real „summer“ inspiration, combining a flirtatious, girlish and clever retro touch with an injection of somewhat stricter contrasting „military“ elements.  The designers vision is dominated by a very strong vibrant red which is amazingly combined with the imaginary „marine“ amalgam with a striped pattern in red, black and blue, strongly evoking the „nautical“.  The fairytale from the deck is meticulously and masterfully completed with small details such as jewelry with tiny torpedoes, hats with propellers, nautical scarves and cotton T-shirts with marine prints. A touch of uniformity and thus contrasting but interesting severity was added with hats reminiscent of those of ships captains, and a few jackets and tailcoats  adorned with epaulets which are styled as if they were made for admirals who skillfully navigated the boats of an imaginary fashion conscious Navy.  In its recognized wanderings in past waters, Lokomotiva´s crew stops in  the decadent twenties, inspired by fluttering tassels and charming Charleston styles, and at the same time anchors in the harbour of the playful fifties adding a few pieces in an ever endearing polka dot print. The collection, which at first glance evokes summer, contains, along with feminine dresses and skirts, bathing suits and breezy striped robes, leggings, capes, shirts and overalls. Besides the typical marine colours such as blue, white and red, Lokomotiva adds an unexpected dash of brown, black and muted shades of yellow, constructing its fashion vision of the sea with soft and supple materials such as satin, silk organza, silk chiffon, tulle, tafetta, lycra and the finest cotton.