Lokomotiva took the fashion wagons containing their spring/summer collection for a ride on more colorful tracks, stopping at several different stations in fashion history thus presenting a sort of retrospective of different style influences which ruled the streets of the sixties in the past century. A glamorous rock touch is outlined in several somewhat rebellious and bold metal, silver and gold pieces; the playfulness of the hippy movement is portrayed with pieces in floral prints, with visually distinctive shades and airy materials, and a whiff of innocent, irresistible and pure white romance rounded off with delicate lace and ruffles also found its place.  A true explosion of refined ladies femininity is dominated by rich bell-shaped dresses and skirts.  Recognizable caps in the „pioneer“ shape,  sometimes quite basic and sometimes „spicy“ with voluminous flowers add special charm to the fairytale from Lokomotiva´s design studios. A feature of the designer´s inspiration, which runs through the entire collection, is musical, and is represented by blossoming guitars on printed cotton t-shirts, tight dresses and shirts and necklaces which are adorned with gold plated records and guitar picks. Total looks in only one color appear several times, while particular emphasis is placed on playing with patterns and combinations of materials and a special dose of playfulness is brought in with looks composed by connecting pieces painted with colors from the opposite side of the color spectrum, especially vibrant yellow and pink. As far as materials are concerned, Lokomotiva, with its distinctive style, does not accept compromise and uses only the best quality fabrics such as Italian lace, English leather, starched fabrics and denim for its pieces of clothing in a complete range of colors, from soft green, pure white, to showy yellow, pink, purple and blue as well as rock style silver and gold which brings in the always desired element of surprise.