A dose of fresh and always welcomed rebellion with a flair of punk is transformed into irresistibly sophisticated and feminine silhouettes, making the contrast of strong and delicate and dark and light the backbone of Lokomotiva´s collection for Spring/Summer 2015. In light of its recognizable design signature, Lokomotiva, in its search for timeless femininity, reaches for reinterpretations of past fashion eras, and this collection, at times, flirts with the vintage designs we admire, but is primarily based on the integration of the "incompatible" in terms of color and fabric. The dark rebellious side of its vision is represented with both eco-leather and black, and on its light side are gentle feminine icy shades of green, yellow and pink and girly materials like tulle, organza and silk georgette. By demonstrating that they understand the needs of modern girls who do not want to completely conform to any of the two worlds, but mix them into a new amalgam, Luka and Lana created a collection of conflicting influences in which the contrasts are set side by side and appear completely natural. Leather jackets in turquoise with a relief pattern fantastically combine with long pleated dresses in powder nuances, just as a lining of tulle layers "breaks" a black leather dress, and a glamorous organza skirt looks great paired with a black top. Pervading the collection are almost all types of clothing: trousers, dresses in all cuts and lengths, leather jackets, tops as well as its recognizable puffy skirt, emitting an irresistible, ladylike vibe. A constellation of structural interventions, especially expressed in the voluminous sleeves, peplums and drape of the dresses, reflects the masterful meticulousness that Lokomotiva dedicates to the shape and impeccable appearance of the silhouette of its design models.