Zatvori prozor

The designer duo launched their first combined collection on the Zagreb Cro-a-Porter runway in their own widely recognized interpretation of vintage clothing, somewhat nostalgically flirting with past fashion eras, sovereignly and boldly paving the way for future fashion accomplishments. Profined, elegant and sophisticated, Lokomotiva´s fashion vision evokes strong remembrances of some ancient eras of fashion history when women walked the streets impeccably dressed, with minimal effort, wearing only those eternal, classic pieces of clothing in which they looked like film divas of the golden age of Hollywood. Despite the inspiration which they undoubtedly found in the bright streets of the past, ingenuity in design and innovation in tailoring, the duo suggests that they did not exit the time machine and remain at stations of past eras, but instead returned to the present, imprinting a seal of modernity on their collection. Quite gloomy and dark, composed mosty of dark colours, Lokomotiva´s fashion vision adds a dash of sex appeal and audacity in untainted sophistication making it more daring and closer to the woman of the modern age. The escape to futurism is especially outlined in several looks made out of black leather or flirtatious lace, creating an interesting, dark and somewhat Gothic impression. A dose of playfulness is brought in with the injection of vibrant colours such as fuchsia, some intense details in red, shades of blue, and white and beige in contrast with completely dark pieces. This strong but above all feminine collection is dominated by dresses in all lengths, skirts, capes and superbly created coats which especially illustrate the strength of this design duo: meticulousness, elaborateness and precision of manufacturing solutions. The aforementioned meticulousness is reflected in the care directed to details such as belts with metal clasps or necklaces with locomotives which are the symbol of the brand. The overall „on point“ is the impression made by the collections skillfully imprinted hats made of leather, brocade and cloth which with their „shiplike“ shape associate back to  „pioneer“ hats of a past historical era. In its debut collection, Lokomotiva did not overlook defining that which would later become the common denominator of all future collections. Using a complete palette of highest quality materials such as silk brocade silk chiffon, wool, leather, boucle, silk taffeta, satin, cotton lace and tulle, Lokomotiva undoubtedly made it clear to its audience that they aspire to create timeless, classic pieces from which we will not easily part and in which we will always look like impeccably dressed Hollywood divas, confidently striding down the streets of the present.