Zatvori prozor

Lokomotiva, in its charachteristic manner of toying with the military elements of uniforms, played with the style of pilots which is particularly outlined in the look of the caps which represent the recognized aesthetic spice of the fashion duos collections and complemented the distinctive and original aviator scenography of the Cro-a-porter airport fashion runway. In the designers vision of a cold fashion season, the caps from Lokomotiva´s design studios evoke the headgear which army pilots from World War II once wore, and, along with slightly severe tailoring and somewhat thicker and stiffer materials and dark shades, perfectly compliment the impression pilots give, which is that of strength, forwardness and sex appeal. Otherwise gentle and fragile female forms appear strong and dominating, clothed in uniforms made up of short dresses, skirts and tailcoats, strictly tailored jackets and coats and aviator hats decorated with the visually strong metal badges of pilots, completing the impression of desired provocation and balancing on the brink of something forbidden and even somewhat fetishist. Complete, highly consistent and developed to the last detail, this collection is based on dresses of all lengths and styles and classic massive coats, with a touch of Lokomotiva´s characteristic, interesting and innovative design solutions. The element of pleats appears in several variations in interesting games of symmetry and asymmetry, and the materials in jaquard prints, rarely seen on the runway, have an especially charming effect. Contributing and rounding off the designer´s vision are massive visually striking zippers and clothing made of transparent PVC which make up an entire piece or just the sleeves, making clothing items chic and practical at the same time. Dark black is contrasted with four rich jaquard patterns, and muted shades of mustard yellow, red, burgundy and blue permeate along with the darker palette, while the sophistication of the design is rounded off with an unavoidable set of the finest materials such as boucle, cashmere, wool, leather, and solid tulle.