Zatvori prozor

A romantic fashion story, ingrained into the mystical deserted night hours when only odd creatures that like the dark appear in the moonlight, has permeated every stitch of Lokomotiva´s collection for Fall/Winter 2015. It is as if one of the romantically dark songs of Charles Baudelaire has been transfused into the fabric which then came to life on the runway in the form of dresses which, flirting with the avant-garde, seem so powerful that it is hard to find any other epithet for them. Contrasting bright, playful and vibrant shades which we have become accustomed to seeing in the colorful fashion stories from Lokomotiva´s studio, this collection is, surprisingly, a lot darker, deeper and more poetic. Ingrained with dark colors, dominating black and some blue and white, the collection primarily emphasizes sculptural forms and interesting construction innovations which are significantly expressed wrapped in dark shades. The lines of the design inspiration are strongly outlined in dramatic silhouettes which are inspired by mystical night guards such as bats, cats as divine creatures and whimsical moon flowers which bloom only in the dark, all of which are seen in the luxurious silhouettes wrapped in a veil of drama and in details such as oversized flowers which dominate the clothing pieces. There is a cotton t-shirt with the visual of a cat with bat wings which is hand printed and sewn in Croatia. The dark fashion poetry is wrapped in materials such as romantic lace and rayon, swaying muslin, adaptable and playful tulle, magnificent silk organdy, rich satin and an inspiring wire that serves as support for interesting construction solutions. With its recognizable designer signature which is mirrored in pieces such as voluminous skirts, interesting prints on cotton shirts or accessories such as headpieces, Lokomotiva has succeeded in keeping that for which they are so loved by the public, while at the same time adding a much-needed and wanted moment of surprise.