Bicycles cannot cannot travel the roads without pedals, cars without engines and trains without locomotives.  In 2012 one completely unique „locomotive“  pulled onto  its journey  an indescribably charming fashion train which, since then, has  sovereignly traveled upon some of its own exclusive rails, using inspiration, positive energy and creative solutions as its neverending fuel.  However, this is no ordinary train or locomotive  traveling the urban roads as it dislikes molds and forms:  it is the leader of the fashion revolution and a time traveler which, sometimes nostalgically, stops at stations of past fashion eras but never blindly follows:  it returns,  instead,  to the present time and combines  these eras  with something modern,  only adding its authentic stamp as a finishing touch.


In its wagons Lokomotiva transports substantial quantities of ladies chic feminine sexiness, timeless elegance and the irresistible charm of self-confidence, never failing to spice them up with some unexpected twist. Lokomotiva never accepts compromise, and in first place are quality, an almost surgical meticulousness and precision in the creation of its pieces of clothing with attention woven into every detail, and the complex and innovative construction from which they do not stray and which, in the end, makes them unique.  Lokomotiva likes uniforms but not uniformity, a whiff of past eras mixed with a dose of the present and future:  it is gentle but strong, avantgarde but poised, recognizable but never predictable.


This locomotive is more special than all other completely ordinary locomotives for one specific reason, having not only one but two conductors, being led in its travels on the magical fashion rails by a creative coordinated duo. Luka Grubišiĉ and Lana Puljiĉ. A fashion designer and an architect. As Luka was starting to intern and hone his skills after completing his Masters studies at the prestigious Parsons New School of design, working with Dennis Basso and Nicholas Petrou at Oscar de la Renta, Lana was just beginning her studies in architecture, never suspecting that she would later enter the fashion scene. After returning from New York to his hometown of Zagreb in 2009, Luka spiced up the domestic  fashion scene with a new brand, LukA, opening a couture studio in the city centre. Their life paths did not become intertwined until sometime later when Lana, always the fashion conscious trendsetter, was looking for a new dress on the racks of hangers in Luka´s studio.


With their united creative visions they created the prêt-a-porter fashion brand Lokomotiva and launched it together, somewhat later, in 2012. Since then they participate in all design stages from initial sketches to their realization, discussing ideas and finding solutions through compromise. Their seasonal collections are presented to the domestic  fashion public as part of Cro A Porter, where, with each new appearance, they uncompromisingly enter the hearts of fashion lovers who value recognizable charm, quality, meticulousness and, of course, authenticity.