Wrapped in the mystical fog of a smoke machine, in the dark atmospheric nightclub „Katran“, the rebellious trio in Lokomotiva´s fashion stories let out all the stops and showed what it looks like when girls just want to have fun. They are glamorous and irresistibly stylish, but at the same time unencumbered, just like real rock stars. The photos are of Locomotiva´s new campaign, which accompanies the actual Spring/Summer 2015 collection,  intended for all women who wish to look insolently good while not caring about anything else except having a good time.


The contrast of strong and gentle is the framework for Luka Grubišiĉ and Lana Puljiĉ´s new collection in which a dose of fresh rockers rebellion is mixed with an irresistlibly refined and feminine silhouette, a recognizable part of Lokomotiva´s design signature. While looking for timeless femininity, this collection in its shapes flirts at times with some past fashion eras, however the the center of attention is represented by the idea of connecting the „incompatible“-the feminine and rebellious, a complex meticulous style, but with a chic casual carefreevibe. Ice-cream hues such as green, yellow and rose, which we have become accustomed to seeing in their dreamy and innocent design achievements, are anything but sweet in Lokomotiva´s new collection. They are, in fact, boldly mixed with eco-leather, creating a new „rock chic“ embracing all women and girls who know how to look feminine and rebellious at the same time.


Lokomotiva´s campaign photos, from which sputter sparks of unbridled fun, were taken by the skilled photographic eye of Maja Kljajiĉ. Ana Rajic is responsible for the true rock star makeup, while the slightly tousled curls are the work of Mijo Majhen. The raw, dark and industrial interior of the club Katran wonderfully served as the scene for this fashion story in which the main roles are played by three models who ingeniously embody Lokomotiva´s rebellious girls: Ivana Solar, Esther Berišic and Laura Alex.


Photography: Maja Kljajiĉ, Make-up: Ana Rajiĉ, Hair: Mijo Majhen, Models: Ivana Solar, Esther Berišiĉ, Laura Alex, Location: Katran