Summer 22: Inspiring women in Lokomotiva dresses

The new Lokomotiva summer 2022 collection was presented in the surroundings of a wonderful Zagreb garden, where my friends stood in front of the lens of Sara B. Moritz and conjured up what a slow and hot afternoon in Zagreb looks like.  

Hot days love Lokomotiva dresses

I gathered six interesting women and presented 16 outfits we want to wear all summer. The dresses are designed as pieces that perfectly fit women of different characters, professions, figures, and sensibilities. The silhouettes are rich and relaxed, some oversized, while others still follow the line of the body, making sure not to hinder any movement.

The materials I used in the collection are silk, silk taffeta, and linen, which are perfect companions for high summer temperatures. In addition to the perfect black and white, the collection also features vibrant colors such as pink, red, green, and fuchsia. An oversized, almost abstract floral print comes to the fore in equally oversized, sumptuous dresses.

I  paid a lot of attention to the details of the sleeves and the knitted shoulder straps in different colors.

For those who are more daring, one model made in taffeta with an interesting checkered pattern is additionally emphasized by the pleating.

Friends and entrepreneurs in the role of models

This story features my friends, all entrepreneurs and creative souls who strive for excellence in their fields of activity. Since dresses are their favorite summer uniforms, they jumped into several models and revealed their favorites to us.

Anita Dujić - jewelry designer, and owner of the brand "Juno". 
"I love everything that Lana does, primarily because I love her energy, which she transfers beautifully into her creations. I also love the twist she adds every time: playfulness and unpredictability. From this collection, my favorite is the white linen dress with slits around the waist because it’s very summery, special, and looks great."

Andrea Jelić - web designer, and owner of the trade "A STUDIO"
"The best dress for me was the short pink one in linen because it borders on elegance and a daily outfit and you can wear it casually with sneakers or dress it up with heels. I liked it because it highlights the legs and back, yet somehow it is classy enough to be suitable for all occasions."

Dora Kraljević - fitness instructor, and owner of "Dora Body Studio"
"I liked the short pink dress the best because nothing about it is what I imagine my ideal dress to be, and it was perfect when I put it on." 

Ivana Čuljak - entrepreneur, pastry chef, and owner of the pastry shop "Neka Jedu Kolače"
"In my thirties, I discovered the power of the black dress and everything it carries. At the same time, a dose of seriousness, elegance, and sexiness - all this is hidden in a little black dress or skirt. Not because I'm subjective, but I can wear Lokomotiva's clothes on any occasion, starting with family lunches, beach parties, business meetings, and mass at the cemetery with aunts judging whether you're dressed appropriately or not. Legend has it that once my aunt sent my mom a photo of me in a Lokomotiva dress, and they had no objections."

Maja Miletić - jewelry designer, and owner of the "mammii" brand 
"My favorite dress is the one with a green print, buttoned up to the neck, because protected like that, I feel as open as possible and most confident in myself. Locomotive's paradoxes."

Sonja Lamut - designer, and owner of the brand "Soel"
"I think I liked the pink and coral long dress the most with the details of the knitted straps and the straps that fall down the back. Considering I'm 8 months pregnant, the baby was also extremely happy with all the dresses from the shoot because they don't squeeze anywhere and provide enough space for her to stir in my stomach."

Shop the new collection online or in person at the showroom at Bauerova 22 by appointment at 098-918-6629.