About Lokomotiva

Lokomotiva is a slow fashion brand based in Zagreb, Croatia

The designs are produced and handmade right here in Zagreb. The idea is to create unique, timeless pieces with a lot of flare in high quality, lush materials while paying attention to the details and execution of every single garment. The brand aesthetics definitely reflect the designer’s inner influences and are in a way a testament to cumulative lifelong experiences. At times, the designer, almost absurdly, likes to exaggerate volumes, details and loves to play with superimposing something light to something heavy, something delicate and romantic to something strong and robust. We, at Lokomotiva, are devoted to creating beautiful, yet bold statement pieces for everyone, regardless of their gender or age. Lokomotiva is first and foremost a brand that can be worn by anyone with individuality and character.


About the designer

Behind the steering wheel of this special locomotive is Lana Puljic, an architect, a fashion designer and a yoga teacher. One of Lana’s greatest passions since young age was fashion and somehow she knew her creativity will lead her to express in this area. A few years after doing a MA degree at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, Lana's wish was to continue her education somewhere abroad, but this time in the fashion. This led her to London College of Fashion where she completed Graduate Diploma Fashion Design Technology. Other than her passion for beautiful clothing, Lana is a great lover of traveling, art and architecture, good music, concert hopping, delicious food and red wine. She enjoys running in nature while listening to Pink Floyd and dreams of having her own horse farm one day. She is devoted to her cat Mao, and wishes all abandoned animals find their forever home.