SS20 - Hommage to Women

"What is the ideal Lokomotiva woman or what kind of women wear your brand?" Lana wanted to flaunt her pieces on women who really wear them and show them off in their full splendor, in situations dear and familiar to them; in their professional and everyday lives - narrating their stories through a photographic dash of their lives and celebrating them in their diversity and their beauty. This collection celebrates them, and all women in general, and extends unmeasurable gratitude for their inspiration. This collection is dedicated to all Lokomotiva women that already are, but also the ones that are yet to become Lokomotiva women.

Decisions on styling, location of the shooting, and other details incorporated in the shoot were left to the clients or models. The designer designed a different dress for each of the clients. Every dress - material, color, and cut in the collection - is completely different, and reflect the character and preferences of each client. The desire was to show how one brand can perfectly dress women who differ in age, character, profession, sensibility, and even lifestyle. These lovely ladies were captured by a meticulous eye of a very talented young photographer - Sara B. Moritz