Milano 2021

For the new fall winter collection Lokomotiva stays on its tracks and suggests yet another bold collection consisting of timeless pieces for individuals with character. Inspiration for this collection designer finds partly within herself as all of the pieces that are carefully handmade are an honest vision and statement of the designer’s own personal aesthetics and intimate influences. The collection is also influenced by designer’s nostalgia towards certain past times where a subtle magic of 70’s and 80’s flare channels through some pieces. 50’s silhouette also appears on occasion, where pieces get that charming easy feminine touch.

As often designer states – her brand and all of the collections are in a way modulated by superimposing diversities (rough, big in volume, strong, bold, symmetric and in clean lines is often in contrast to something light, subtle, asymmetric, gentle and feminine). Lana explores volume in all its forms, focusing on researching it even in the smallest scale. Garments are additionally enriched by adding pieces of handmade jewellery in metal, precious stones etc (collaboration with a Croatian artist Maja Miletic) and small leather goods (belts and small leather bags) on top of them.

The collection is a diverse symphony of certain garments that could easily be evening wear, daily wear or business wear, depending on the styling we opt for, in contrast to glam and glitter of the lame and sequins or pomp of the 50m tulle dress. Mixing a bit of sportswear (bomber jackets, jeans) in the glam department gives the whole collection quite a fresh touch, whereas perfectly tailored suits and coats provide a fantastic, elegant and sophisticated everyday attire. Through this collection Lokomotiva wants to bring optimism, happiness and belief that the good times are here to return. Collection provides us quintessential 'uniforms' for all of the specific occasions that lay in front of us embracing us in its strength, luxury and uniqueness.